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Lighting Control Server

Ever wanted to try out new ways of controlling lights and sound during your live event?
The Interaction Production Server is a flexible server system which allows you to to develop new forms of interaction and interfaces for stage lighting control technology with no hassle.

At the centre of IPS is the IPS Server, which acts as a broker between production protocols such as DMX and OSC, allowing control over a local network by any number of simultaneous devices.


Easy Server Setup Guide

  • Centralized protocol broker for a venue.
  • Control and monitor all channnels using many standard protocols.
  • Centrally stored spatial venue representation (image, channel map, positions)
  • Desktop venue editor with automatic upload to the server.
  • Server auto discovery on the network.
  • Stores server-side venue cues for use by any device.
  • Mobile 'Riggers Remote' application built in.

Custom Controller Development

IPS provides standard protocols which you can use to write applications to control channels on the server, and simple APIs to get you started.

Example Controllers
Controller API Documentation

CHI Demonstration Video (2012)

Introduction Video (2010)

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