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All devices in the IPS system connect to the IPS server, an application running on a single computer connected to the network.

Setting up a Server

Easy Server Setup Guide
Venue Editor
Riggers Remote

Developing new Controllers

The aim of IPS is to allow you to rapidily develop new forms of interaction for production technology, primarily DMX.

Download the .NET Controller API (OSC) .NET Controller Development API.

Most protocols implemented in IPS provide a controller API and a feedback API which allow simple communication with the server.

Building your own Controllers
  1. Finding Server
  2. Venue Information
  3. Control - OSC | WebSockets | ZeroMQ | STOMP | XMPP
  4. Feedback - UDP | ZeroMQ | WebSockets

Download Example Controllers - An example C# controller implementation
Gadgeteer Demo Controllers - Some controllers have been developed using .NET Gadgeteer

Developing new Server Plugins (Protocol handlers)

Its easy to develop new protocols for IPS, all plugins are deployed as C# dll's placed in the APP_LOCATION\plugins directory.

Plugin Developer Guide

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