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3. Controlling Channels

Controlling channels could not be simpler.
Controllers are located within the IPS.Communication.Plugins namespace. Just create an instance of the IController class for the protocol you want to use, and away you go.
IController controller;
//create controller of your choice using the server ip.
controller = new IPS.Communication.Plugins.OSCController(server);
//update a single channel
controller.UpdateValue(1, 255);
//update all 512 channels
controller.UpdateValues(new byte[512]);
//blackout all channels
Other Languages
Send OSC messages to port 12345 on the server.
  • Update Single Channel
/dmx/updatechannel <string:devicename> <int:channel> <int:value>
  • Update All Channels
/dmx/frameupdate <string:devicename> <byte:value>...<byte:value> (512 bytes)
  • Blackout
/dmx/blackout <string:devicename>

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